Where did the word "Plumbing" originate from?

Plumbing is a term that is been used daily by Americans, but where exactly did it originate from? Where on earth did plumbers get their titles from? Am very sure it will come as a shock when you discover their origin. The term "plumbing and plumber" is not a modern name and it has nothing to do with the contemporary world, but it is definitely ancient and it hails from the old Roman Empire regime. When the Roman Empire became the embodiment of the enlightenment age, they made use of pipes within their cities. These pipes were made of lead and they were called "Plumbum''. The lead was a multipurpose object during the Roman Empire. The lead was utilized as a roof covering of Roman buildings. Drain pipes also consist of Lead. The prominent Roman baths also made use of the lead piping in order to bring water to them.

Then as the gothic period extended, if anyone was found working with lead, the person was called a plumbarius. Subsequently, the word evolved for anyone working with pipes, particularly with water and sewer pipes. The name was condensed from plumbarius to the current ''plumber". On a different note, this is the reason why the short form for the lead in the chemical table of elements is Pb. Presently, the word plumber can easily be identified in the dictionary as anyone that sets up and fixes pipes and basically plumbing related jobs. But when you search for the word, 'Plumbing' in the dictionary, you would see the full description of what a plumbing system actually entails. In various definitions, there are three phases of a plumbing system and they are fixtures, apparatus, and pipes.

This present day, plumbing is seen as a very typical job. It is recorded that about four hundred and twenty thousand plumbers work in the United States of America. This was recorded by the Bureau of Labour statistics. A great amount of plumber makes about twenty dollars per hour and more than forty-six thousand dollars per year. Plumbers don't necessarily need a college degree. Nearly all plumbers have a high school education and they have mostly passed through apprenticeship. There are no federal laws indicating how public licenses are made or guided but each constituency has its own regulations for guiding plumbers in obtaining a public license as well as being educated within their jurisdiction. In essence, as a career, plumbing is well known in the United States.


4)    Firstly, Do the Stuff That Is Easy: when plumbing is involved, there comes a relative term, ‘Easy’, but when you run into a clog, it is best to go closer well composed than panic. Did you check if the water was shut properly? I am sure you have tried making use of a clog cleaning solvent but still no positive result. To no avail, you have even tried making use of a plunger, but the snake is your last resort after all efforts have been made.  

5)    Call Upon The Experts: even if you visit the nearest departmental store for the purpose of acquiring a snake for home use, you may still be in doubt regardless of tips from your local departmental store guy or tutorials did via the internet. This is the right time to call upon an expert who has a great knowledge of making use of the right tools.

Plumbing does not necessarily include water or sewer but gas pipes are also inclusive.

Furthermore, you can solve such problems by working on a different location in the plumbing that is quite simple and less fragile to work on.

But the fact remains constant that the trade of plumbing and its name was originated as far back as during the Roman Empire era.